Laser tattoo removal in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Tattoo removal

You can't erase the past... but we can come close!

We love tattoos! What a great way to express your unique "you" and turn your body into a work of art... when they're done right, that is. But for every jaw-dropping masterpiece, there is always that one design you'd rather not think about.

Botched portrait of a celeb? That tribal tat you thought was totally cool fifteen years ago? Your ex's name? (ouch!)

Thankfully, using our state-of-the-art medical-grade laser tattoo removal machine, Wilbury Medical & Aesthetics Ltd can help you to improve the appearance of your less-than-desirable tattoo. This means: making it less prominent, significantly fainter or even removing it altogether*.

*Please note that complete removal is not guaranteed

How does it work?

The process begins with a consultation. We'll discuss your needs, examine the tattoo in question and give you an indication of the number of sessions it is likely to take, as well as how successful we believe the treatment will ultimately be. We'll also carry out a patch test at your consultation.

During your treatment, the laser will be guided over the area of the tattoo. The tattoo ink absorbs the laser's energy, causing it to heat up and break down. The body's immune system then gets to work flushing away the fragments.

Will my tattoo completely disappear?

This is not guaranteed. Factors that this can depend on include the size and age of the tattoo, as well as the colours used. Some colours are easier to break down than others. For instance, blue and black are the most receptive to treatment.

Tattoo removal


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Laser tattoo removal

Will it hurt?

It may feel uncomfortable. However, most patients do not find it painful. This may depend on your pain threshold, however.

Any side-effects?

You may have some superficial blisters or scabs after treatment. which will heal at the usual rate. You must not pick at these, as doing so will increase the risk of scarring. You may also experience some itching or swelling. Cases of scarring are now extremely rare due to the advancements in modern laser technology. Other side-effects (also rare) include hyper and hypopigmentation around the treatment site.

Can you do the whole thing in one go?

You will likely need a course of treatments, which will be spaced at least 8 weeks apart to allow your body to heal.

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