Semi-Permanent Makeup treatments in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Semi permanent makeup

for effortless results that last

Cosmetic tattooing

Semi-permanent makeup lets you forget about all that precious time spent applying, checking on and retouching your cosmetics. No more feeling rushed and stressed out, no more groaning in dismay when it suddenly starts to rain...

During the procedure, we'll deliver pigment beneath the dermal layers of your skin to create the flawless, drop-dead, smudge-free look you're after. Eyebrows, eyes and lips are the preferred areas to treat, but we can also add beauty spots to those key areas for a subtle, natural-looking enhancement to your appearance.

The results are long-lasting but not permanent.

  • Eyes

    Not got the steadiest of hands? Or just short on time? We'll help you maintain the perfect shade and shape when it comes to your eyeliner.

  • Brows

    Along with microblading, this is the ideal way to get realistic-looking brows that last.

  • Lips

    Give your lips an unmistakably beautiful hue and redefine that lost border for a more youthful appearance, plus a pout that needs no fillers or lipstick to achieve.

Semi permanent makeup


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Semi-permanent makeup is ideal for:

  • Anyone who has difficulty applying makeup
  • Anyone who simply wants to enhance their appearance
  • Those who are strapped for time on a regular basis
  • People who work in environments that are subject to a lot of grease, where wearing makeup is just not an option
  • Anyone who has to spend a lot of time outdoors

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